Staff Handbook

I always recommend to all clients that they provide to Employees certain core policies to guard against encountering either difficulties in the working environment in terms of low morale or costly Tribunal claims.   Staff handbooks should set out guidelines and rules for Employees in order that they may be fully aware of what is expected of them.   This promotes, in my experience, a happier workforce.

I always recommend to clients that handbooks are non contractual in nature in order that the Employer has an opportunity to update and amend policies as and when they see fit, but also in line with new developments either in case law or legislation.   Furthermore this gives a degree of flexibility where certain steps are on occasions not necessarily followed if the handbook is contractual in nature it automatically gives rise to a claim for breach of contract, if the rules within the internal policies are broken.   

Depending on the nature and size of the business, I would recommend the following policies:

Adoption; Bereavement; Career Breaks; Equal Opportunities and Harassment and Bullying; Capability; Disciplinary; Data Protection; Electronic Information and Communication Systems; Flexible Working; Grievances; Maternity; Paternity; Parental Leave; Sickness Absence; Redundancy; Whistle-blowing. 

There are of course additional policies but these are the main policies that I would recommend for the running of your business.

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