Absence Management

Absence Management

Employees are the most valuable asset any business has.   If an Employee falls ill, they are entitled to take time away from work in order to recover.   There are however a number of rules and regulations and on occasion contractual considerations governing this area.

In the unfortunate event that an Employee falls ill, they have certain rights and responsibilities of which they need to be aware.   It is important that the Employee reports their illness to work in advance of the start or in advance of the commencement of shift to which they are assigned.  There may of course be a policy or details within a Handbook outlining precisely what ought to be done.   When an Employee is off work for 7 days or more, they will be required to obtain a GP’s Fit Note.   If they are off for less than 7 days they can complete a Self Certification Form on their return to work.

During their period of absence due to sickness, their entitlement to be paid may be indicated in the Handbook or indeed in the Contract of Employment.  The statutory position is that if an Employee meets the necessary criteria they will be entitled to statutory sick pay.   This can be paid for up to a maximum of 28 weeks.   Provision may be made within the Contract of Employment for a higher rate than the statutory rate, but again there are usually qualifying criteria.

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