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Employment Law for Business:

I have established myself as a specialist in the field of employment law, providing compliance advice for employers, which equips directors, managers and senior employees with the necessary skills to effectively manage their staff.   This in turn promotes a much healthier environment within which employees are much more likely to flourish.  Human resources are a crucial aspect to the smooth running of any business enterprise in today’s society. 

Minimising the risk of exposure to litigation by an employee, by ensuring a harmonious workplace, is essential to the success of any business, as well as its reputation.  I appreciate that this can be a very time consuming exercise, however I am on hand to assist in navigating the challenges faced by the employer, providing a first rate, cost effective and personal service in the process.

With a record number of claims being brought by employees, in this constantly changing area of law, I recommend the engagement of my services to provide you with tailored specific advice regarding the challenges you face or the pitfalls you might avoid, in order to best protect the business against expensive litigation.

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    I can provide the following services in order to assist:

    • Recruitment.
    • Drafting contracts of employment, policies and supporting handbooks.
    • The drafting of all internal procedures.
    • Reorganisation and TUPE advice.
    • Redundancy advice.
    • How to handle a grievance process.
    • How to manage a disciplinary process.
    • Drafting compromise agreements and executive severance agreements.
    • Defence in Employment Tribunal claims or in the Arbitration process.
    • Training for management on all areas of employment law including common challenges.

    I can guarantee all clients that I will deal with their employment problems in a discrete and efficient manner. 

    I can provide you with support on day to day HR matters as well as more complex issues including:

    • Absence management
    • Entitlement under the terms and conditions of a contract of employment
    • Maternity leave
    • Requests on return from maternity leave for a flexible working arrangement.