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From the outset I make a determined effort to focus on the issues raised by my clients in order that I may tailor my advice specifically to their circumstances and at all times providing them with a pragmatic approach, whilst ensuring that I manage their expectations.

I make a determined effort to pro-actively seek resolution where possible, and if this cannot be achieved, I represent the interests of my clients in Tribunal, always focusing on the most desirable outcome for them.  I have also represented my clients in the parallel alternative process of arbitration.  This occasionally is preferable on the basis that it is a less formal and less expensive forum within which disputes may be litigated. 

I have cultivated an impressive client base, providing specialist advice in all areas of employment law, industrial relations, discrimination and fair employment.   

I have gained considerable experience working for a number of leading businesses within Northern Ireland, including a large Nursing Home Group as well as businesses within the construction sector.  I have also acted on behalf of a large banking institution.  My practice is extensive, and includes disputes issued in the Employment Tribunal, the Fair Employment Tribunal as well as the High Court in Northern Ireland.

I have acted on behalf of a number of clients from outside the jurisdiction. 

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