What is redundancy?   Redundancy dismissal occurs in the following circumstances:

  • the Employer has ceased or intends to cease carrying on business of the type for which the Employee was engaged, or
  • where they cease to carry on that business at the location where the Employee was employed, or
  • if the requirements of the business for Employees to carry out that particular type of work or for Employees to carry out work of that particular kind in that location has ceased or diminished. 

Expressing this in more straight forward terms, the dismissal must be caused by the Employer’s requirement to reduce its workforce.  This occurs where the workplace is closing down or where the Employer doesn’t require as many Employees to complete the work they have.

There is a formula which will help prevent a successful claim being brought against an Employer arising out of a redundancy procedure.   I can provide tailored advice and guidance to the particular circumstances you as the Employer face, in order to protect your business against potential claims.   

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